Hack.lu 2019 – Day (1)

I am in Luxembourg for a few days attending three different information security events that are part of the LuxSecurityWeek which is held every October. This is my second time attending these events and it’s becoming more of a personal habit for many reasons. Luxembourg is a beautiful country, very safe, and close to many European traveling hubs.

As I mentioned, this is my second time attending Hack.lu, I came here last year, and I will come again next year. The conference is great in every aspect (content, speakers, atmosphere, food, … ). Sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me but most of the time I enjoy the overall experience and I get to talk to many people, exchange knowledge with them, and even make some network connections for future professional networking. A massive kudos to the organizers who created such a nice informative event.

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Weekend Learning (1)

I try to spend most of my weekends learning new things or refreshing old knowledge. Most of the time I pick things that I find interesting to make sure my weekends aren’t boring or miserable.

In the interest of possibly inspiring someone to pick one of the topics I find interesting, I will share the stuff I study every weekend so others can get some resources and topics that can be helpful.

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Trying Apple Pay

Last week I got a new card from an awesome bank, I use it for almost every purchase mainly because it has a great categorization system that allows me to track my expenses simply and easily. One of the things their app recommended is adding my card to the Apple Wallet so I can use it for contactless payments via Apple Pay, so I did that. Surprisingly, I never used the function itself for a week or two but that change yesterday.

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DoH with Firefox and dnswarden

Disclaimer: DoH with ad-blocking won’t block 100% of the ads.

A week ago, Mozilla published a blog post outlining the results from experiments they have been running in regards to enabling DNS over HTTPS. At the end of their blog post, they mentioned their decision to enable DoH by default for everyone in the US starting late September. An influx of news articles and blog posts criticized Mozilla’s decision and urged the organization to rethink the possible effects it could have on users’ privacy and internet reliability and openness.

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