I am Ahmed /ˈɑːmɛd/, a twenty-something years old security engineer. I work and live in Sweden, but I am from Sudan (in case you are wondering, here is where Sudan is on the map). This is my personal blog where I share some of the things I learn day to day with a sprinkle of personal rants and stories.

For the past five years, I worked in various technical security jobs from security administration to security architecting and finally engineering. I love solving technical challenges and the fields of technical security provide loads of new opportunities for me to dig into and learn from. I am currently working in the healthcare sector and helping my employer build secure and reliable digital health products and services.

This blog is both an attempt to share some of the things I learn and improve my writing and communication skills. I am not too strict when it comes to selecting what I write about, hence the varying nature of posts. That being said, I try to focus more on technical content.

I hope you enjoy reading some posts and would be thrilled if you learn something new from one of them.

That's all, happy reading.

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