My name is Ahmed. I am glad you found my blog and I hope that you will find at least one post that would be of some use for you. I love learning new things and I love sharing ideas and concepts with other people. This blog is my attempt to share some of the things I learn with the rest of the world.

I spend most of my time working, reading, watching TV and trying new shiny technical things I find while surfing the internet. I spend a considerable amount of my free time volunteering for some community organizations and making new friends.

I have been building my experience and knowledge in multiple fields of the information security sector during the past few years and while I enjoy learning about new things in all fields, I do have few that I consider my favorite ones and to which I dedicate most of my learning efforts.

I enjoy working with companies and teams to find the most efficient way to align business operations and security. I know it might sound like a cliche taken from a LinkedIn page but I do enjoy the challenging work of getting both operational and security requirements on the same page. This interest of mine means I spend most of my learning and working efforts dealing with things like security architecture, security defenses, governance, awareness, and building all-encompassing security programs.

So, that’s a bit about me. Once again, I am glad you are reading this and hope you enjoy reading some of the posts.