Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy for my personal blog (this website).

Server Logs

I use Nginx as a reverse proxy to serve this blog to visitors. All logging is disabled. There are no logs of your requests, your IP addresses, or any other logs Nginx typically produces and keeps.

server {
    access_log off;
    error_log off;

Web Analytics

I want to process as little personal information as possible when you visit this blog. That's why I've chosen Fathom Analytics for website analytics. Fathom Analytics doesn't use cookies and complies with the GDPR, ePrivacy, COPPA and CCPA.

Using this privacy-friendly website analytics software, your IP address is only briefly processed, your personal information is de-identified, and I have no way of identifying you. You can read more about this on Fathom Analytics' website.

I use Fathom Analytics to understand my website traffic in the most privacy-friendly way possible so that I can continually improve my blog and the content I post on it. The lawful basis as per the GDPR is "f); where our legitimate interests are to improve our website and business continually." As per the explanation, no personal data is stored over time.


Comments are disabled on this blog. Thus, no data is collected.

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