An Evening I Will Not Forget: Dermot Kennedy Live

Ahmed Musaad
Ahmed Musaad
An Evening I Will Not Forget: Dermot Kennedy Live

I first heard Dermot singing back in December 2020. I was in a cramped car with three friends, and a couple of rabbits, making the drive all the way from Stockholm to Luleå. We all made the journey between the two cities many times by train and planes, but never a car, so it was a bit exciting (and later on, we realized, not so good for our backs).

Later that night, as we pushed through the dark and slippery E4, we took turns playing our favourite music and singing our hearts out to a wide variety of songs and genres. My friend asked if he can put on a song, and then proceeded to play An Evening I Will not Forget by Dermot Kennedy while signing the lyrics' word for word. At that exact moment, Dermot became one of my favourite artists, and every time I hear this song, I am taken back to that cold night, and all the joy, calmness, and love we shared in that car.

What's important is this evening I will not forget
Purple, blue, orange, red
These colors of feeling
Give me love, I'll put my heart in it
And I think about it all the time
Lights went out, you were fine
You kinda struggle not to shine

For the past few years, listening to Dermot songs was –almost– a daily activity, even more so on days when I find myself struggling with life or trying to untangle the mess that is my unresolved emotions. I lost count of the times I found myself listening on repeat to him singing Lost (when I was feeling a bit lost), All My Friends (when I was missing my friends), or Rome (whenever I was replying fond memories in my head). His new album is no different, many of its songs are playing on and on, and all of them evoke emotions and reignite some memories in a way that I find difficult to explain.

So, when I found out he was coming to Stockholm, there wasn't a shred of hesitation before I jumped on the website and bought a ticket to see him live. Yesterday, I got to see him perform songs from both of his albums live, and whatever expectations I had, were simply shattered. His voice, performance capacity, the awesome band supporting him, and everything about the show were simply wonderful.

Once upon a time, you were by my side
I wish I could've known, that I should hold on tight
To every single word, to every summer night
I wish I could've known, that "forever" was a lie
But once upon a time, I was somethin' to someone
But once upon a time, I was somethin' to someone

I spend a lot of time listening to music, and have a rather chaotic music taste, but very few artists manage to evoke such strong emotions, Dermot is certainly one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him live, and will no doubt do it again whenever I get the chance. If he is playing near you, go and see him live, you won't regret it.

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