Web Security For Developers

Ahmed Musaad
Ahmed Musaad
Web Security For Developers
Book Name: Web Security For Developers
Author: Malcolm McDonald
Length: 216 pages
Level: Beginner
Tags: security, web development, OWASP top 10.
Link: https://nostarch.com/websecurity

It's no secret I am a big fan of anything No Starch Press publishes, I just love the quality of the books they deliver and how they help me learn and develop in so many topics related to my job and day to day work.

I picked this book shortly after it was released as I wanted a simple, easy to read reference for the basics of web security to keep nearby for whenever my mind decides to do me dirty and forget about how to mitigate XSS.

The book is divided into two part The Basics and The Threats. These two parts include eighteen different chapters (Table of Contents) with loads of information for the aspiring web developer who wants to learn all about web security.

The language used is easy to understand and ample introduction to basic topics like web browsers, servers and the internet is provided before delving into the security aspects which is perfect for someone who never read anything about web security before picking up this book.

If you are an aspiring web developer, security engineer, or web application penetration tester, Web Security For Developers is a great place to start learning about the most important topics that will follow you for the rest of your career.

Cover Image from https://nostarch.com/websecurity

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