Writing The Master Thesis

Ahmed Musaad
Ahmed Musaad
Writing The Master Thesis
Last Updated: 2020-11-28


I am currently in the process of writing my master thesis. This process usually takes up to six months at the university where I am currently enrolled. This process is just starting, and I thought of keeping a public journal for a couple of reasons:

  • I need to keep writing and coming up with post ideas has been a bit challenging lately. A journal is low-effort and builds the habit of daily writing.
  • Academic research is challenging, and the chances of procrastination are notable. Knowing I have to write something every day can serve as a stable source of motivation for me during this journey.
  • I want to keep a short timeline of how my writing process, just for the sake of memory keeping.

Journal Entries


  • After more than 10 days of brainstorming ideas, reviewing current research work, and trying to find inspiration, I finally managed to settle on a thesis topic.
  • The deadline for delivering the research proposal is the 31st of November, so I must get writing if I want to keep the deadline (and believe me, I do).
  • The research topic is a bit rough, so I need to work more on scope and restrictions to ensure that I can deliver within the timeline (ca five months).
  • Spent 30 minutes looking into tools that can make my thesis work easier or at least more efficient. My eyes are set on Word (Writing), Zotero (Reference Management), Roam Research (Literature Review), and Grammarly (grammar and writing checks).


  • Started drafting the thesis proposal today. So far, I have the introduction and research plan, few more sections left but I will keep them for tomorrow.
  • I recently upgraded to macOS BigSur, which meant I can no longer use the Zotero Safari extension available on their website. I had to install the beta version of Zotero to get the beta extension on Safari (Thank you Apple, for making everyone's life much easier /s). So far, both the app and extension are working fine.
  • I am considering the idea of creating a Github repo to host the entire thesis project files. I will keep it private for now, but once I successfully defend my thesis, I will make it a public repo.


  • Almost done with the proposal. One more page, a quick language review, a reference check and I am done.
  • Managed to refine the research question and get a firm grip over what I exactly want to do in this thesis.
  • It's 23:53, I am exhausted, and might regret this tomorrow morning.


  • The proposal is now ready. I did some quick checks and made sure it looks right before submitting it.
  • Sent in my registration document to the education administration at the university.
  • I realized I need to read more academic research about cloud security and privacy. There are some interesting papers and books out there that can take my understanding and skills to the next level.

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