iVerify Security App for iPhone

Ahmed Musaad
Ahmed Musaad

A few days ago, Trails of Bits, the well-known security company, announced a new security app for iPhone. An easy to use the app with great user experience and informative guides that help you improve the security of your iPhone in a few minutes. The app premise is simple, it will guide you through a bunch of step by step tutorials to lock down your phone and it will alert you if it notices anything suspicious.

As you can see, the app itself isn’t free but after using it for a day or two, I would say it’s worth the price. The guides are super easy to follow, the notifications about new updates and certain issues are helpful, and the continuous scanning for malicious indicators is the topping to this mix of useful features.

So that’s it, a new app that might be the improvement you have been waiting for. Of course, it’s by no mean the silver bullet (no such thing exists in the security world) but it’s one step in the right direction. And yes, you can find most of the information online but for a normal user who can’t navigate technical forums and Reddit posts, I think this app is a great tool that will help them improve their privacy and security.

Check it out, stay safe, and keep your phones updated 🙂

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