Monitoring NVD Feeds using NVD-Alerts

Part of my daily job is to keep an eye on new vulnerabilities and part of that is sifting through the NIST NVD feeds. Going through those feeds can be exhausting and time-consuming as they contain a lot of information that might not be relevant to our work at all.

I wrote this script to parse the NVD Recent Feed and analyze the information extracted from it to check if a certain CVE is of interest to me or not (based on a list of terms). Once the analysis part is done, the script uses Mailgun to email me a concise message with CVE IDs which I need to check.

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GitHub Student Developer Pack

When  I first started my master studies two years ago, I got a student email address from my university, and while this might seem pretty standard and somewhat useless to some people, it was a milestone for me. Since the day I started my bachelor degree, I was cursing the nasty politics that resulted in my country being subjected to heavy sanctions from the US, which practically prevented IT people from doing anything productive without using a VPN, and also made the utilization of offers like the one I am writing about today a distant dream. But not to worry, I finally have a student email address, and some of my dreams are about to come true.

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