Hack.lu 2019 – Day (3)

The last day of Hack.lu was on Thursday, I am a bit late with the blog post because I was exhausted after we finished for the day and had to take some rest. I was a bit late to the conference because I overslept (sigh) but I didn’t miss any important moments.

In the last day, I decided to participate in workshops instead of attending talks. I had my eyes on two workshops. The first one was the “Junior CTF Install Party” workshop, and the second one was the “Practical Incident Response” workshop.

Credit: All videos are recorded and uploaded by the amazing @cooper. You can find the full list on his website: https://administraitor.video/edition/Hack.lu/2019

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GISEC 2016 Presentations

The Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC) is the Middle East’s largest annual ICT event attracting top industry professionals including CIOs, CTOs, CSOs and senior management from key industries including finance, energy, telecoms, government sectors and IT.

A premier line-up of speakers and experts drive the conversation in new and strategic directions with world-leading experts and regional case studies across a range of industries and security themes.

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