iVerify Security App for iPhone

A few days ago, Trails of Bits, the well-known security company, announced a new security app for iPhone. An easy to use the app with great user experience and informative guides that help you improve the security of your iPhone in a few minutes. The app premise is simple, it will guide you through a bunch of step by step tutorials to lock down your phone and it will alert you if it notices anything suspicious.

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DoH with Firefox and dnswarden

Disclaimer: DoH with ad-blocking won’t block 100% of the ads.

A week ago, Mozilla published a blog post outlining the results from experiments they have been running in regards to enabling DNS over HTTPS. At the end of their blog post, they mentioned their decision to enable DoH by default for everyone in the US starting late September. An influx of news articles and blog posts criticized Mozilla’s decision and urged the organization to rethink the possible effects it could have on users’ privacy and internet reliability and openness.

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