Find the Public Key of a ProtonMail User

I realised I needed an easier way to provide my PGP key to readers without putting the key itself on the page (for several reasons). I thought this information could be useful to others, so here we go.

Useful Tools (1)

Every day I come across a multitude of tools that do this or that, and while a lot of them are overrated, there are many useful tools that help me enhance my productivity. In this series of posts, I share these tools with you.

On Scapegoating CISOs

After a major breach, it's often the CISO that falls on their sword and finds themselves looking for work. Do you think this a good display of accountability, or a damaging form of scapegoating?

iVerify Security App for iPhone

Trails of Bits recently released a new security app for iPhone (iVerify). An easy to use the app with great user experience and informative guides that helps you improve the security of your iPhone in a few minutes.

Paul Graham on Schedules

A meeting in the morning can ruin any chance of doing something productive before lunch, and the same thing goes for meetings after lunch, they reduce the possibility of completing bigger tasks in the afternoon. 2019 - Day (3)

The last day of was on Thursday, I am a bit late with the blog post because I was exhausted after we finished for the day and had to take some rest. I was a bit late to the conference because I overslept (sigh) but I didn’t miss any important moments. In the last day, I decided to participate in workshops instead of attending talks. I had my eyes on two workshops. The first one was the “Junior CTF Install Party& 2019 – Day (2)

The second day of is often the longest since it includes the social events at the end which can go on well into the night. This day was no different, it started early in the morning and ended just before ten o’clock. I was exhausted when I arrived back at my accommodation but it was totally worth it. Credit: All videos are recorded and uploaded by the amazing @cooper. You can find the full list on his website: 2019 - Day (1)

I am in Luxembourg for a few days attending three different information security events that are part of the LuxSecurityWeek which is held every October. This is my second time attending these events and it’s becoming more of a personal habit for many reasons. Luxembourg is a beautiful country, very safe, and close to many European traveling hubs. As I mentioned, this is my second time attending, I came here last year, and I will come again next year. The conference is

Weekend Learning (1)

Recently, Microsoft published a great set of short video courses covering different topics within the .NET ecosystem, If you are interested in learning .NET, these might be a great place to start.