500 Pictures

There is something unique about being able to scroll through a chronologically-ordered feed of your memories, along with your friend's comments and reactions.

Weekly Security Tip: Review Apps On Your Phone

Phones are an integral part of our life; we use them to take pictures, write journals, browse social media, work on our tasks, and even have important work meetings or edit sensitive documents. In this post, I share with you one useful habit I developed over the years when it comes to phone hygiene.

Convert DMG To PKG

Many macOS applications come in DMG format, which is perfectly fine until you need to deploy one of these applications using your enterprise MDM solution. Most MDMs only work with PKG files so you must convert the application from DMG to PKG before you deploy it.

Weekly Security Tip: Use Authy

With Authy, you can configure two-factor authentication on all of your accounts fully knowing you will have access to these codes across devices and at worst, backups of them.

The Mystery of Random Kernel Extension Alerts

One day, some users started getting annoying popup warnings telling them macOS has blocked a kernel extension that's used by specific software. This post is a rough account of how we investigated and found a possible solution for the root cause of this issue.

OnePlus 8 Pro

The latest phone from OnePlus™️, the OnePlus 8 Pro, is my new personal phone. It has a great processor, an ample amount of ram, a magnificent 120 Hz display, a 4510 mAh battery, and an OS that's as close to stock Android as we can get.

TIL: Sysdiagnose

Sysdiagnose is a diagnostic tool available on all Apple products. It collects information and logs from various parts of the systems to provide a full image of the system state at a certain point in time. The data collected is quite comprehensive and covers a wide range of aspects.

Collect CPU & Memory Usage Information Using psrecord

A few days ago, I found myself needing to collect the CPU and Memory usage information of applications over an extended period. In this post, I share with you a brilliant tool that can assist you in collecting this data and plotting it in an easy-to-consume graph.

Essential Extensions For Safe Web Browsing

The internet is an integral part of our life, we can’t stop using services or browsing websites but we need to protect ourselves while doing so. In this article, I share some useful web extensions that will improve your online security and privacy.